Better East Texas: Gov't needs to tighten border control

Better East Texas: Gov't needs to tighten border control

(KLTV) - Illegal immigrants are flooding across the Texas border – sometimes hundreds per day. The stream of families and many individual children are causing catastrophic pressure on an already taxed processing system.

Over the past few months thousands of illegal immigrants, many from Central America have sought refuge in the U.S. and Texas seems to be the doorstop of choice. Conditions in their home countries have deteriorated so they flee and shysters offer so-called safe passage to America if these refuges pay enough but once they get here they are essentially imprisoned.

They are no doubt breaking the law but the conditions they are being held in are very primitive. Some have even been transferred to other states. Hopefully word will get back that there is no free ride in America. No matter where you stand on the issue of immigration, you have to agree that something must be done to stop this flood of illegal immigrants from becoming a humanitarian disaster right here in Texas.

Our government needs to mobilize resources now to stop immigrants from these other countries. If we are effective, it will force Mexico to tighten its borders to the south and not act like a free pass-through to Texas. Word will eventually get to these troubled countries that they need to improve their homes which will keep would-be immigrants at home.

Legal immigration is fine, but our country cannot handle unlimited immigration. We have to seal our border and that will help all concerned and make for a better east Texas.

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