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Bigger target at Peach Tree Golf Course

There was a big difference at Peach Tree Golf Course today in Bullard. For an experiment, nine of the holes had eight inch cups instead of the traditional size of four-and-a quarter. Who knew nearly four inches would mean so much.

"It just blows your confidence up," golfer Zach Krumm said. "It goes through the roof and it makes it more fun. You don't have to care as much." Golfer Jonathan Scott added, "It makes me feel so much more confident because I know when I get to the putting green, I know I can make it in."

The whole idea is to get more people involved in golf and let the beginners succeed. A better chance at birdie and par is a win-win.

"If you get a better score, you are going to want to come out and play some more," golfer Blake Krumm said. "And if you're beating your brother, that works too."

Missing putts on the golf course can be frustrating, but the bigger hole allows you to have more fun. "Instead of this frustrating game, the bigger cup reduces the frustration and makes it more fun," Peach Tree and Oak Hurst golf Pro Darrell Chase said. Blake added, "Missing a putt by a centimeter makes you so mad, and it just makes you not want to come out but bigger cups means easier puts."

A more enjoyable round means bigger crowds will come. For the not so serious golfers, the eight inch cup may be here to stay. "We are going to get some feedback from the customers and see what they thought about it," Chase said. "If we get some positive feedback out of this then we are going to consider this."

And it sounds like Darrell has some thinking to do. "It just helps me out so much," Scott said. "I feel like it could help so many more people,"

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