Iron couple set to spend honeymoon competing in France

Iron couple set to spend honeymoon competing in France

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - For an Ironman world champion like Clay Emge, it's a match made in heaven.

"We're both competitive natured people," said Emge with his fiance' Kimberly Blackwell.  "Even outside of triathlon and running."

"And dominoes," added Blackwell.

When they're not playing games, Emge and Blackwell are usually on the run, biking or swimming.

"After we dated, I was able to pass on my love for triathlon," said Emge.  "She (Blackwell) resisted for a while."

"I said I didn't want anything to do with a triathlon," said Blackwell with a laugh.  "I even said I would never do an Ironman and now here I am."

Emge and Blackwell are ready to take the starting line together.  The iron couple will be married Saturday, then head to Europe to compete in the Ironman France Triathlon.

"We've had signs made that say Ironman and wife," said Blackwell.

"She's (Blackwell) my number one fan," said Emge.  " So I love having her cheering for me on the sideline with all the great signs she makes and organizing our group to cheer for me. It's even more special when she's racing with me."

Showing well in the Ironman event is important, but so is the honeymoon.

"We're not going to sit around and do our normal pre race routine for this one," said Emge. "We're going to enjoy France. We're looking forward to that more than anything else."

Even when they reach the finish line in France, their race is only beginning.

"I wouldn't be doing this stuff if he hadn't inspired me to do so," said Blackwell.

"We'll continue not just triathlons, but I'm sure we'll keep doing marathons," said Emge. "And keep doing it hopefully forever."

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