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Gift of Love: Early Finds A Permanent Home

Roy and Irene know a lot about parenting. They have five biological children.

Irene said, "Since all kids are grown and we now have the chance to give a kid a home and give back to someone else."

Five years ago, Roy and Irene became foster parents. One of the children they brought into their home was a 13 year old boy named Early. Irene said, "I think coming from a dysfunctional family, this gave him stability." They're giving this young boy more than just stability, they're giving him a permanent home. They will adopt him Friday.

Early said, "It's just good to have a family." I asked him, "How does that make you feel?" Early replied, "Happy."

Irene said, "It makes me feel good to know that I had a chance to touch somebody's life." Roy said, "Number one, you have to have love for children. If there's no love or you have no patience then I don't suggest that you adopt."

Roy and Irene are providing the role models early never had. Roy added, "Keep him focused on the right thing in the right direction, if I can keep him headed in the right direction, I know he'll do well."

That's already proving true according to Larry Lewis, the principal at Dogan Elementary where Early is a 6th grader. He said, "I guess he serves as role model. I would love for other students to look at Early and see the kind of student he's become and the changes he's made and be able to say you know what, if he can do it, I can as well as take pride in that. I know we're proud of him."

I asked Lewis, "As a principal, that's probably the type of student you'd like to see?" He replied, "I'd love to have 570 more just like him."

Early has made a big impact on Roy and Irene and he will soon officially be a part of their family. His new mom said, "I'm proud to have him." His new dad said, "He's my boy. Bottom line."

"I love them very much and um I just can't wait to get adopted," Early said.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.

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