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Airfare spike biggest since '99

Airfare spike most severe since 1999. (Source: KLTV Staff) Airfare spike most severe since 1999. (Source: KLTV Staff)
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Summer vacation is upon us and if you’re looking to travel by plane anytime soon you may not be happy with the fares. A recent report showed airline fares spiked nearly six percent in May. That's the largest hike since 1999.

Fuel costs are on the rise as a result of the unrest in the Middle East and that doesn’t just affect your car gasoline; it’s hitting airlines just as hard.

"It went through, I picked my seats, it went processing, processing, processing, and then, all the sudden it said we couldn't complete the transaction. So, I went back and started over and the new ticket prices were about $70 more than what was showing previously," said Debbie Hayes, who flew into Tyler from Omaha.

Prices aside, air travel has increased as the economy improves. There are still several ways to find cheaper flights, like trying various travel websites or booking flights far in advance.

Keep in mind, flight costs go up and down frequently, so last week’s bargain could be this week’s rip-off. Because of the rising price in fuel, experts say ticket prices likely will not come down any time soon.

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