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It's high time to appreciate your garbage man

A group of Tyler sanitation workers pose for a picture (Source: KLTV staff) A group of Tyler sanitation workers pose for a picture (Source: KLTV staff)

It’s trash day. You put out your trash bin and go to work, and when you come home it’s empty and you put it away. We all trust the sanitation engineers will do their jobs neatly, and don’t really think about it too much.

Well, about a year ago the CEO of Arwood Waste, Inc. decided the disposal folks could use some props and Garbage Man Day was born.

The City of Tyler loves their trash people and they proved it by buying all of them lunch. Garbage Man Day is actually June 17, but they had the lunch on June 18 because Wednesday is recycling day, and it’s a little slower.

Galen Billington, Residential Superintendent, says it best.

“It would be a trashy world if they weren’t here,” Billington said.

Most of them have finished their routes, but some have a few stops to go, like Tecourtney Barron, who’s been a driver for a year.

"I get to pick up cans and sit in the driver’s seat and soak up the A/C. When we get done with our route we get to go home; pull it in early and still get paid for a full day,” Barron said.

Of course they have some long days, too, and the luncheon put them a little behind.

Barbara Laminack is on Tecourtney’s route, and she doesn’t take any public servants for granted. She’s doing a little mulching in her front yard, and always gives them a wave if she sees them.

“We have a relationship. We give them a Christmas gift every year to the two that come to our neighborhood,” Laminack revealed.

She jumped at the opportunity to sing the trash workers praises, but the yard work was making her..well, glisten, so she wasn’t ready for her close-up.

“I know they work hard. I appreciate them coming by and I appreciate them being on time and keeping our things clean when they leave. They don’t leave a mess,” Laminack stated.

An estimated 2,000 tons of solid waste is collected each week in Tyler, along with 30 tons of recycling.

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