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Health Club Health Danger

Ever go to the gym, work up a good sweat, then leave without cleaning the machine. People do it, even though they shouldn't. Not because it's gross, but because it is dangerous.

Sweaty machines in gyms and locker rooms across the country are helping spread a deadly form of staff infection.

The organism is Staphylococcus Aureus or MRSA for short.

The Denver Broncos football team just had an outbreak at their gym. If you get it, you'll notice boils or lesions on your body.

"They are tender, red, usually more than a pimple but less than a silver dollar in size," explains Med team Dr. Ed Dominguez.

He says you contract and spread MRSA by touching objects like towels, workout equipment or weights that have infected sweat on it. This strain of MRSA is antibiotic resistant too, which means if not treated early it can be deadly.

Premier Fitness Club in Tyler has never had a problem with MRSA and diligently works to prevent outbreak by enforcing cleaning guidelines in the gym.

"We do provide a sport towel so as they sweat they can wipe up the machines and we have X wipes with cleaning supplies in them which sanitizes machines," says Alley Burton Operation Manager of Premiere Fitness.

Throughout the gym they also have a cleaning staff the machines, in case you forget to, and people do. But as long as you clean up equipment before and after use and shower after workouts, you should avoid ever catching MRSA.

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