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Hallsville native Clint Ingram puts on football camp

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - One of the most popular dreams as a little kid is to grow up and play in the NFL. Hallsville native and six year pro Clint Ingram was back in East Texas on Friday to put on a camp for some youngsters and help those dreams become reality.

"I want to go to the pro's and be the greatest football player in history," one of the kids at the camp said.

Its great to dream big, but Ingram has some advice for the future stars. "Relying on it and thinking that its football or bust, that's not really the type of mentality to have," Ingram said.

Drafted in 2006 the former Jaguar and Saint has been out of the league since 2011. But, Clint knew life in the NFL doesn't last forever. "It was fun while it lasted," Ingram said. "It was a great experience, but now its good to come out and help out kids, talk to them about my experience and let them know what I did while I was playing."

Putting on the Rusk County Panthers Football Camp, Ingram also taught the kids the basics of being a good player.
"I learned how to handle the ball and how to be a quarterback," one camp attendee said. Others added, "My favorite thing to do was catch the ball. I learned the right technique to run the football."

As a linebacker, it was Ingram's job to the stop the football. The former oklahoma sooner's message to those trying to make it big, give it all you have. You always want to know I put in the best effort I could, did the best I could, and let the chips fall where they may," Ingram said.

And just being from East Texas or should I say 'Beast Texas' has these youngsters on the right track. "A lot of guys recognized it when I was in the NFL, Ingram said. "When I said I was from East Texas guys knew exactly where it was. It's a great place to come from. It gives you a sense of pride that not only you but other guys come from here. I guess its just the water or something."

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