Better East Texas: Bowe Bergdahl returns home

Better East Texas: Bowe Bergdahl returns home

(KLTV) - The fallout continues surrounding the release of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl and the focus now is on who truly gave the green light for the prisoner swap as well as questions about Bergdahl's parents and their exposure to the process to get Bergdahl released.

If you have seen video of the announcement of the exchange and subsequent celebratory tone by the president and the Bergdahls, it was pretty obvious that President Obama had been intimately involved in the details of the swap and appeared to take personal credit.

Now the White House is suggesting that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel had a say, or perhaps the final say in the exchange. This usually means that someone is being positioned as the rogue operative and will be disciplined if the political pressure really heats up.

The question of Bergdahl's parents attendance at numerous video conferences on secured lines with high ranking US officials is concerning as well. It is one thing to update a family on progress in their particular situation, but to expose them to potentially sensitive technology and conversations should not happen.

And then you read some of the social media posts and comments from Bergdahl's father and the level of concern goes even higher.

Finally, a recent poll found that sixty-eight percent of veterans believe the swap was wrong. It is good that another American is coming home but we cannot let that overshadow what this means moving forward.

Our military deserves better and that will make for a Better East Texas.