Better East Texas: Palestine survey results returned

Better East Texas: Palestine survey results returned

(KLTV) - What a great opportunity for the city and community of Palestine after the results of a survey were returned by a state agency.

The survey was a poll of police department employees and dealt with a wide range of issues including job preparedness, job satisfaction and the general leadership of the department. Members of the Palestine City Council reviewed the results and have pledged to take appropriate action.

On the surface, many thought the results are very discouraging. The survey showed that zero percent of those surveyed had high morale, or trusted Chief Robert Herbert's leadership or were content with their careers at the police department.

An ensuing city Council meeting gave citizens and police department employees the opportunity to speak first person. There were numerous accusations both for and against the department and the leadership of Chief Herbert and much of that needs to be studied but the results of the survey stand.

The question is, how will the chief react and what will the City Council do since they hold the keys to the employment of the chief.

But all that said, the chief needs to take the bull by the horns and show some leadership and create his own roadmap to improving morale and addressing the other concerns head on. It is the only way for him to rise above the rhetoric and correct the things that will ultimately improve public safety in Palestine.

Citizens deserve better morale and improved job satisfaction especially within a police department. It may not be perfect, but it needs to improve and that will make for a Better East Texas.