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Conair Quick Bead: "Does It Work?"

Do you have a little girl, maybe a granddaughter, who likes frilly stuff? This week's "Does It Work?" product may be a perfect gift. It's called the Conair Quick Bead. The package claims it automatically beads hair in seconds. We had to put it to the test.

Marissa, an employee at our station, agreed to help out. You start by threading the supplied beads on the circular metal post. Use no more than 25 and make sure you use beads that are all the same size. The Quick Bead supplies several small and large sized beads. Separate a thin strand of hair starting from the roots and put the strand into the little "hook-end" of the metal post you strung the beads on. Push the button on the Quick Bead and the beads push around and onto the strand of hair.

We failed on the first try, but quickly figured it out. After the beads are on the hair, put one of the supplied bead-shaped clips on the end.

"Does It Work?" Marissa liked it. She says children will require some help from parents, but it's painless, effective and the end product is attractive. We give it a "yes."

The Conair Quick Bead is $19.99 and is available at Target.

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