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New App can help find a lost dog.

New app can help find your lost dog

Gayle Helms lines up Finding Rover. Gayle Helms lines up Finding Rover.

We’ve all seen the “lost dog” or “found dog” signs along the road, or maybe you’ve lost or found a dog, yourself.

The signs don’t always work very well. A Facebook post can help, but now there’s an app that is solely dedicated to finding your lost dog. It's called Finding Rover.

Gayle Helms deals with a whole bunch of dogs every day at her shelter, Pets Fur People. Sometimes a stray turned over to her could be a lost dog, but without a collar or microchip she would never know. A smart phone and Finding Rover may help.

“I think this is wonderful. Modern technology is just changing our lifestyle. So with the facial recognition technology a pet owner can have one more opportunity to register their animal and in the event that it’s lost, or if they find a pet, to be able to reunite it with the owner,” Gayle said.

It's simple: Download the app, register and open it up. Choose the camera to get your dog in the system. Now comes the hard part: taking a good face-on shot of your dog. The app has a doggie whine built in to make your dog look at the camera, but you have to be quick. The dog gets used to the sound pretty fast.

After you get the picture, you line up the eyes and the nose and enter your location and that’s pretty much it.

Your dog’s information is stored with Finding Rover.

“How often do you see a poster of a lost dog or a found dog? So it happens all the time and it’s just one more opportunity for pet owners to protect them,” Gayle stated.

Need help finding Rover? There’s an app for that.

Finding Rover is a free app, and the more people that use it, the better it will work. 

Click here to go to Finding Rover in the iTunes store.  Here's the link to the app developer's page for more information.

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