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AG Abbott Praises Local Law Enforcement

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott stopped in East Texas today, congratulating local law enforcement for taking more and more child sex predators off the streets.

In Tyler this afternoon, Abbott attributed the increase in arrests to the state's new Cyber Crimes Unit and Fugitive Unit, both created last year. Since then, the agencies have made more than 200 arrests in Texas -- five in East Texas.

Now, Abbott is focusing on giving convicted sexual predators longer sentences and preventing repeat offenders.

"In the state of Texas, we found that there was a large population of parole violators who were being unaccounted for," he said at the Children Advocacy Center of Smith County, "and our job is to track them down and get them back behind bars so they won't hurt anybody else."

At least one fugitive is still on the loose, and he's likely in East Texas. Authorities want your help in tracking down Stephen Gordon Bunyard, 42. He has a history of violent crimes and is currently wanted for indecent exposure to a child.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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