Palestine residents outraged

Drama continues to dominate Palestine city politics tonight.  Like many, we were ready for tonight's big town hall meeting that residents expected to give them a chance to discuss the controversy surrounding the police department.  The city canceled that meeting and citizens were outraged.  Lexie Cook has a new report that explains the reasons behind the cancellation and what it now means for the police, residents and the city as a whole.

Tonight at 10, we continue our coverage of the saga of the 34 year-old woman who passed herself off as a Longview high school student.  We were there as Charity Johnson left the Gregg County jail for the first time in a month.

And, Cody Lillich talks to the former owner of the fertilizer storage facility that burned to the ground in downtown Athens.  Watch at 10 to hear him give perspective on the business and the fire you won't get anywhere else.