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Fun plus learning equals Letourneau Summer Camps!

Fun + learning = LeTourneau Summer Camps!

Fun at LeTourneau summer camp. (Source: KLTV News staff) Fun at LeTourneau summer camp. (Source: KLTV News staff)

Well, school’s been out for about a week now, so maybe it’s time we give the kids something to do during the day: summer camp!

LeTourneau University may have just the thing with nearly 70 different camps to choose from.

LeTourneau is known for cool stuff during the school year, but they also have exciting offerings during the summer for the younger crowd. Adam Lewis would know. He’s a former camper that liked it so much he’s now attending LeTourneau University, and this year he’s a camp counselor for Lego WeDo Construction. These are Legos that have an electrical computer interface, so the kids have to do some thinking.

“Sometimes they have to figure out what’s wrong and try to find a resolution to the problem,” Lewis said.

And once they do, they can tear it apart and put something else together. They do it all week long. Marty Lane with LeTourneau says the kids love it.

“One of our main goals is that we want our children to have fun and we also want them to learn. So it’s a great way for them to spend a week of their summer,” Lane said.

If your kids are more athletically-inclined, there are several sports camps like tennis; even tiny tennis.

The police academy features real live police officers.

“This is a rough-looking bunch. This has to be as bad as a bunch of criminals, right?” I asked the real live police officer.

“Oh, yes, sir,” he agreed.

“I notice you don’t have a whole lot of people in leaf-blowing camp,” I said to Marty as I pointed at a man blowing leaves.

“No, I don’t have a lot of people in there, but they enjoy being outside so I probably could make a camp out of that,” Marty concluded.

Well, I wouldn’t hold your breath for that one. But first aid and survival is handy. Counselor Jimmy Fitzgerald shows the kids the ropes.

“Now, is that a shelter? Will that keep rain off of you?” Fitzgerald asked, motioning to a lean-to the kids made.

“Uh-oh, it looks like you set up in a dry creek bed. Is that a good idea?” I asked the kids.

“Setting up in a dry creek bed, is that a good idea?” Fitzgerald asked them.

“No; flash floods,” the kids said.

“I think it’s starting to rain, you’d better move,” I advised.

So, send a kid to camp so they can learn something and have fun this summer! Find out more about the camps at LeTourneau by clicking here.

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