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Condoleezza Rice Nominated To Replace Colin Powell

President Bush has nominated Condoleezza Rice to be the new Secretary of State.  Pending confirmation, Rice will succeed Colin Powell, who submitted his resignation yesterday.

In choosing Rice, the President has picked one of his most trusted advisors, a woman who sees eye to eye with him on foreign policy and is considered an honorary member of the Bush family.

But, Rice has some big shoes to fill.  Outgoing Secretary of State, Colin Powell is extremely popular overseas and at home.

Some in Washington are concerned President Bush may not be seeking out people with new ideas, just moving around members of his inner circle.  Republican Senator, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska says, "what I hope we will see is some new blood in there. Some new energy in there, some outside perspective that's fresh. Just re-arranging people and putting them in different chairs isn't new energy and new blood."

Although she's expected to be confirmed, Rice will face some tough questions about intelligence failures before the September 11th terrorist attacks and the rationale for going to war in Iraq.

Once confirmed, Rice will be replaced by her deputy, Stephen Hadley.


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