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Better East Texas: Tiananmen Square


With all the political division and challenges we face in America, we still need to remember, it could actually be worse.

It has been twenty-five years since the massacre of what estimates guess were thousands of college students in Tiananmen Square in China. The massacre was at the hands of the Chinese government and most Chinese citizens have little to no information about this tragedy.

We have gone through the struggles of the civil rights movement, equal rights for women and other human rights evolutions but nothing in the past twenty-five years compares to Tiananmen Square. The Chinese government which regulates content on the internet, ramps up controls on what content if any can be found through search engines.

As far as China has come economically and industrially, they are still not tolerant of individual expression and freedoms. The Chinese people will most likely continue to be ignorant on what happened twenty-five years ago, so it is the world’s responsibility to continue to spread the seeds of a free society in that part of our globe.

Not every country can adopt the American model but our country can help these oppressed societies fight for their right to chart their own course. Our elected officials need to remember that China is not our friend in its current state and that we can never forget the government massacre of twenty-five years ago and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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