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Vision 2010 Task Force Eyes Tyler's Future

The motto for the City of Tyler is "On a New Horizon," and a group of civic leaders say they now see beyond to the year 2010 -- and where Tyler needs to be.

The Vision 2010 task force has now identified ten goals for the start of the next decade. 

The most important they say, is the construction of an arena and convention center to bring more visitors to the city. In addition, continuing the construction of Loop 49, and providing exceptional schools so families will come to Tyler round out the top three goals.

Now, the group wants public support to make these goals reality.

Task Force chairman Mike Thomas: "This task force is not authoritative. We don't have the authority to go out and get this done. But from a business standpoint, these are items we'd like to see the community put their arms around."

This task force continues the work of the Vision 2000 task force, which urged business expansion and growth of Tyler's airport.  Those were goals that were met.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.

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