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35 Newspaper Stands Stolen Since Thursday

A few dozen newspaper stands have been stolen throughout Tyler within just the last few days.

Two local distributors for the Dallas Morning News have reported 35 missing racks since Thursday. The Tyler Morning Telegraph is missing at least one rack.

The Dallas paper distributors rent the stands from the paper and keep a portion of the profits. They've been able to replace a few of the newstands, but the rest are on order. We talked to one distributor, who says this crime will cost them a lot of money.

"We keep the money out of the racks pretty good, but the racks themself run $300-400," Mark Mayfield, an independent distributor for 16 years, said. "And then getting them back out to the customers and stuff takes two or three weeks. So you lose a lot of customers. And the impact on that is pretty devastating to us independent contractors."

Police and Mayfield say it's not easy to steal a newspaper stand.

"The racks weigh anywhere from about 250 to maybe 400 pounds. It depends how much concrete is in the bottom. So you're talking about somebody has to pick that thing straight up and put it into a vehicle."

Tyler police are investigating the case. Some businesses are going through their surveillance video to see if they caught the thieves on camera.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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