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Harrison Co. man: 'You're going to kill me when you find out what I did to my father'

Bruce McMeans mugshot. (Source: Harrison Co. jail) Bruce McMeans mugshot. (Source: Harrison Co. jail)

“You’re going to kill me when you find out what I did to my father. “

Harrison County Sheriff’s Office officials say this is what Bruce McMeans told them while holding his father hostage in his home in Elysian Fields.

Authorities say that McMeans has a criminal history of assault and weapons violations that made them more cautious in dealing with him.

According to officials, it all started with a 911 call from Bruce McMeans requesting an ambulance for his father, but threatening that if they sent a deputy he would shoot and kill them. Police made two calls back to the suspect in attempt to diffuse the situation.

"The phone calls, conversations were very short and very angry, and our negotiators decided we weren’t getting anywhere with him,” Harrison County Administrative Deputy Jay Webb said.

Harrison County asked DPS to provide a helicopter to watch the heavily wooded area. Then they called on Longview Police Department’s armored response team, who used a remote controlled vehicle to give the suspect a phone in attempt to make contact.

“In their approach to the location, they observed the suspect with a weapon. He was ordered to put it down. He did not put the weapon down. He then turned to the officers. The officers then shot the person in the hip,” Jay Webb said.

Police say the 50-year-old had moved in with his father, Ron, just four weeks ago.

“After this incident we found that he had been pretty much on the verge of homelessness and the family had asked him to perhaps take care of the father and be a member of the family. While the time he was here, he had become very combative with his family,” Deputy Webb added.

Lloyd Pond has been a neighbor of the father, Ron McMeans, for the past 15 years.

“He was always there to help if we needed him. He’s been sick a lot over the years. I really haven’t seen him in the past three of four years, “ Pond said.

Pond is in shock that the man he knew would be put in that position.

"Well, it saddens my heart because my wife had Alzheimer’s five and a half years, and she passed away a year and a half ago. I’m very familiar with the disease and that disease could have been working on his son,” Pond said.

Harrison County Sheriff say the responses from Bruce McMeans were very structured.

“He knew what he was doing. He may have been at the very end of his rope,” Webb said.

Ron, the elderly father, was taken to the hospital but had no injuries where he is being taken care of by family.

Bruce McMeans is being held in Harrison County on a $250,000 bond.

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