Fund to help Athens firefighter replace stolen equipment

Fund to help Athens firefighter replace stolen equipment

ATHENS, TX (KLTV) - The May 29 fire in Athens which destroyed a fertilizer facility was devastating; while no one was injured, there was another kind of loss.

One firefighter, Gene Lattis, responded to the fertilizer storage facility fire on Friday, parking his personal truck, which was pulling a trailer carrying his lawn equipment, which is how me earns a living, while he went to fight the fire.

The truck has been recovered and police say they are investigating, but the toolbox was pried off the truck, and the trailer and mower have not.

The community and fellow firefighters are working together to help Lattis replace his equipment by setting up a fund at all Citizens State Bank in Lattis' name, and they're taking donations at the fire station in Athens, as well.

Contact information for anyone who'd like to help:

Central Fire Station

610 South Prairieville St., Athens, Texas 75751

Phone: (903) 677-6636

Fax: (903) 677-1044


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