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7 from 7: Stories for your Monday

Charles Adolphus Williams, Jr. (Source: Marshall Police) Charles Adolphus Williams, Jr. (Source: Marshall Police)
Good afternoon!

Here is your list of stories of interest for today:

1.A Marshall man is custody after police say he shot his brother in the back during a fight on Sunday afternoon.At around 4:23 p.m., police responded to 1606 Hynson St in Marshall after reports of a disturbance and gunfire. While en route, officers received information that a gunshot victim was at the Squeaky Clean Express.

2. Authorities are investigating a possible drowning at Cedar Creek Lake in Henderson County. According to Sheriff Ray Nutt, a jet ski was found running and unattended on Cedar Creek Lake around 5:25 on Saturday. The watercraft was found by other boaters, who secured it. A lifejacket was found hanging on the side of the jet ski. The body of 62-year-old Robert Ralph George was later recovered from the lake.

3. A kindergarten teacher calling the home of one of her students left a message for the parents, but didn't know her phone had not disconnected when she began saying insulting things about the child to another teacher, which the parents later heard. The child's parents are not happy with the school, which earned an excellent rating in their area of Ohio. What do you think your response would be? These parents withdrew their child from school.

Baby attached to wedding dress

4. A Tennessee woman is receiving a lot of social media attention after attaching her 1-month-old daughter to the train of her dress during her wedding. When she was later criticized on social media, she wrote a lengthy response on Facebook, which you can read here.

5.  Which scares you more: Hurricane Victor or Hurricane Victoria? People are slightly less likely to flee an oncoming storm with a feminine name than a masculine one, a new study finds.

6. A refashioned bill to address problems plaguing the Veterans Affairs Department should be approved by the Senate as soon as possible, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday The bill, sponsored by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., would give the VA authority to immediately remove senior executives based on poor job performance while preventing "wholesale political firings" that Sanders said could be allowed under a similar bill approved by the House.

Casey Kasem in 1989 (Source: Flickr/Alan Light/MGN online)

7. Ailing radio personality Casey Kasem was taken by ambulance to a medical facility in Washington state after an argument between his wife and daughter, authorities said Monday. Kasem, 82, and his wife Jean were staying with friends near Seattle when authorities responded Sunday to a 911 call and found Jean and Kerri Kasem arguing,

Here's the link to our livestream on KLTV.com so you can check out our news at 4,5 and 6, just in case you aren't near a tv today.

We'll see you soon!

Stephanie Frazier
KLTV Digital Content Producer

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