Freedom Fighters: Dick Lawrence

Freedom Fighters: Dick Lawrence

(KLTV) - Dick Lawrence was wounded twice in Korea and has never completely healed from that experience.

Lawrence went into the Army as a seventeen-year-old in May 1950. By fall he was wading through snow in korea and by November had suffered his first wound.

When Lawrence's platoon woke up one morning to move their camp, Chinese soldiers attacked. When Lawrence tried to help two corpsmen carry out a wounded soldier, he was wounded too.The bullet had gone through his leg. After a short medical stay in Japan, Lawrence was sent back into battle in Korea, where he was wounded a second time, this time even worse.

Lawrence was told his foot had to be amputated. Knowing how devastating it would be for a young man his age to lose his foot, the surgeon pieced the foot back together.

For a while Lawrence was able to live a somewhat normal life.But his foot never completely healed, and 18 years and 46 surgeries later, his foot and part of his leg were amputated.

He's had 85 surgeries to date, yet, in spite of the multiple surgeries and pain, Dick Lawrence is glad his leg was saved for awhile and he's proud to have served his country.

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