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Heroes Flight: Veterans visit Air and Space Museum

Veterans tour the Air and Space Museum in DC. (Source: KLTV) Veterans tour the Air and Space Museum in DC. (Source: KLTV)
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A group of veterans have been touring Washington, D.C. and today they visited the Air and Space Museum.

The visit to the museum was a special treat for Howard Hunt, the only Air Force veteran in the group. "I got my wings in July 4, 1945 as a bombardier navigator," says Hunt.
Hunt had flying time in a plane just like the famous Enola Gay b-29 bomber, and told the group what it was like to climb into one again recently at the Tyler airport. "He got up in the pilot seat, and I crawled down in the bombardier place, which was difficult for me, and he said, my gosh look at all these instruments," according to Hunt.
The Enola Gay wasn't the only plane that brought back memories for these veterans. As they walked along, each would point at wings and propellers and share more stories on this final day.
Also part of the trip to the air and space Museum today in Washington DC, an IMAX presentation of the invasion of Normandy, D-Day. One of the veterans on the trip was actually there and told us what it was like to see it in IMAX format.
Claude Grisham watched the same beaches he fought for roll across the message screen. "It's hard to imagine that we actually landed on those beaches, and made it onto shore," says Grisham.

Standing over the planes that were part of that historic offensive, he told us that he never had any doubt America would win, even though he had no clue how many soldiers were involved. Grisham says ,"In this movie, the operation involving over a million people, I was in the company of 124 people. That was my world."

Today, he told us that he knows there are very few of his fellow Normandy fighters left. But like all these veterans, thinks of them every day.

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