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New London Museum Director Retires

The longtime curator of the New London museum retired today in a farewell gathering. 77 year old Molly Ward started the New London museum 12 years ago to honor the 319 people killed in the 1937 school explosion, and she's run it every day since, a job that has been close to her heart.

"We've lost generations in this tragedy and that does not need to be forgotten," Ward said.

She was 10 years old and off campus when the explosion happened, and over the years she's spent countless hours collecting photographs and other items for the museum. Now she feels it's time to step down.

"I think it was getting to that stage, take a little time off," she said.

The people of New London said 'thank you' to Ward, with special presentations and very special letters from governor Rick Perry and newsman Walter Kronkite.

"I wasn't expecting anything like this but it's an honor," says Ward.

Still serving as the city's Mayor, Ward will stay busy, but continue research for the history of the museum.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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