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Better East Texas: Runoff election proves democracy alive and well

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Well, you would not have thought it possible just an election cycle ago, but incumbent has become a dirty word.

The runoff elections held last Tuesday proved that democracy is alive and well and that if you are an incumbent, even with a clean record and reputation, you can still get beat. Three-term Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst lost to State Senator Dan Patrick and the oldest member in Congress, Ralph Hall, a seventeen-termer, lost to former US attorney, John Ratcliffe.

There were other defeats that will shake up the establishment across the state but this is a message for all office holders. Patience has run out with voters and the chants like “throw’em all out” have certainly got traction. It will set up a series of big races in November so we all need to vote.

Additionally, many of the new faces we will see in Texas are members of or supported by the Tea Party. What is not known is if they will employ full scale Tea Party strategies.

Hopefully, these fresh faces will look for ways to keep the state house in better shape than the houses of congress as Texas needs leadership and not gridlock.

And another point that should not get lost is that the representatives in the federal government are getting younger. Republicans in the House of Representatives have only 14 members over the age of 70 while Democrats have 28 members over 70. So the political landscape has indeed stated to change and it proves the system works and makes for a Better East Texas.

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