Gay couple not welcome at local restaurant

Our Facebook page has been lit up all day with the story of the gay couple who says they were told they were not welcome at a local restaurant because of their sexual orientation.  Tonight at 10, we'll have a new report on what happened at "Big Earl's" in Pittsburg.  You'll want to tune in for this report.  We're talking with the couple and the restaurant's owner.

Now that we have rain in East Texas, the next question is, 'How long will it stick around?'  Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is the man who has the answer to that and all of your other weather-related questions.  Catch his new forecast tonight at 10.

Our sports team is joining us tonight with the story of a local softball team dreaming of a state championship.  Justin Woodard is taking us to Van tonight at 10 for a new report.