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Missing Children Return To Mount Vernon

3 East Texas children are back home in Mt. Vernon, after disappearing with their father in August. Their father, 29 year old James Eric Emery, allegedly embezzled thousands of dollars in cash from the bank where he worked. All this occurring the day before he disappeared with his 3 children.

No one had seen or heard from them, until last week. Emery was spotted with his children in Idaho Falls purchasing a motor home. Today, after a tip from the owner of that motor home, Emery was arrested at the "Grand Canyon National Park" in Arizona. "Bo Pilgrim" offered his private plane for the children's mother to go get them.

Family, friends and practically the entire town of Mt. Vernon turned out at the Mount Pleasant airport when it was learned that the kids were coming home. For many, the ordeal of their father disappearing with them had taken a heavy emotional toll.

"Happy, elated, saddened in a way. Let them know that I love them," says grandmother, Barbara Black.

The family nervously waited as the plane landed and taxied on the tarmac, as a moment they had anxiously anticipated finally arrived. They just wanted to see 7 year old Summer, 4 year old Garrett and 18 month old Sydney safe and sound.

"It was heavy on my heart, this has been successful, we weren't going to quit till we brought these kids back home to their folks," says Franklin county sheriff, Chuck White.

For Joey Emery it was enough to just have her children back.

"I kind of eased into the room where they were at, I dropped to my knees, I think it was summer who came to me first," says Emery.

James Eric Emery remains in Arizona charged with felony theft.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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