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Fight at Longview High School caught on camera


A bathroom brawl caught on camera could mean serious punishment for Longview High School students.

The fight happened at Longview High School on the last day of the school year.

The video shows a group of students fighting in a girls bathroom as others watched; taking pictures and videos of the fight.

"I've seen part of the video, we know who was involved, not only the people fighting but the spectators cheering it on," says Longview ISD public information officer Adam Holland.

School officials say the video and fight do not appear to be contrived, but they are still investigating what happened.

LISD authorities say they have not had a recorded fight between students until February of this year, but this one has a particularly disturbing element about it: no one watching appears to be concerned, afraid, or trying to stop the fights.

"It's sort of barbaric to to sit and watch someone pummel somebody while you tape it," Holland says.

The video was posted on a student's Facebook page, but was quickly removed.

"With that many people sitting around on counter tops making a circle with cameras aimed at two people hitting back and forth , its disappointing," says Holland.

In the end, a young man is seen removing one combatant. "We're not going to tolerate it whether its the last day of school or the first day of school. Punishments are going to be handed down," Holland says.

School officials are reviewing the video to identify all of the students involved in the fight.

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