Shiloh: Starving horse found tied to a tree gets second chance

Shiloh: Starving horse found tied to a tree gets second chance

VAN ZANDT COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - In March, the Rusk County Sheriff's Department picked up a colt who was spotted standing in the woods, tied to a tree with no food or water nearby. The poor colt was malnourished and dehydrated, but still alive.

The young horse was taken to the Rusk County sheriff's holding pen, allowing the required time to pass for his rightful owners to come claim him.

Not surprisingly, perhaps, they did not.

Allyson and Mike DeCanio, founders of The Pegasus Project Equine Rescue, showed up later in March at the holding pen, there to pick up a horse the Overton police were holding, whose owners never came. Allyson spotted the colt, his ribs protruding and his coat a sad mess, and eventually she was allowed to take him home, after giving his owners ample time to claim him.

The colt in the sheriff's holding pen, waiting to be rescued.

The colt was given the name Shiloh, which means


; he was taken back to the ranch in Van Zandt County where is now receiving the care he needs to get his health back. A dentist came to look him over, and said that Shiloh is about three years old. As you can tell from the pictures here, Shiloh was much smaller than a three-year-old horse should be, due to the neglect he suffered.

Shiloh receives his first bath at the Pegasus ranch

We will follow Shiloh's story from his continued rehabilitation until his adoption, allowing you to follow his progress as he  regains his health and grows stronger, as he is trained, and then as he ultimately meets his new family, whenever that may be.

In the meantime, if you'd like to pitch in to help with Shiloh's care, you can buy Pegasus Project t-shirts or caps, or donate money for food and care. All money donated to the Pegasus Project goes directly to the animals, the group says. Here's the link to help:


Shiloh loves his home at the Pegasus Project!

Stay tuned for updates on Shiloh; we'll check in with him again soon.

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