Better East Texas: Unrest surrounding new 9/11 museum

Better East Texas: Unrest surrounding new 9/11 museum

(KLTV) - The 9/11 museum opened recently in New York City. It is located at Ground Zero of the 9/11 attacks and follows the promise of never forgetting the impact that the attacks had on New York City and our nation. But there is unrest in relation to the museum.

There is a hefty $24 admission charge and a gift shop that sells trinkets and souvenirs commemorating the day of the attacks. Some of the souvenirs are done very respectfully but some are tacky. The revenue raised by the admission charges and the sales of the keepsakes will go to fund the museum since there is no public funding for the venue. The museum will cost more than $60 million dollars annually to operate.

I understand that the money has to work for the museum to truly capture the spirit of honoring those that perished, so if there has ever been a noble cause to give to, you would think this would be it. The souvenirs should be tasteful - no exceptions - and the admission charge minimized, and all Americans should be provided the opportunity to give to and underwrite the operating costs of the memorial. It is that simple.

In fact, we have a link on our website, that can show you how to give. The museum looks like it appropriately captures the goal of honoring those lost, now we need to operate it with the same goal and that will make a for a better East Texas.

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