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Better East Texas: Congress shuffles climate-changing laws

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The climate is changing. Whether it is for the long term and going down a path that has no relief is an unknown. What is known is that California is in its worst drought in decades. Population increases have led to a massive increase in consumption of water, but dry weather has certainly been the leading cause of the drought.

Politicians are fighting over the role of humans in causing the drought conditions and the prospect of legislating our way out of this environmental condition. I honestly don’t know to what degree humans have impacted this climate change. In looking back over geological evidence, the earth’s climate has always changed. We find evidence of oceans in the middle of desserts and tropical areas that were once covered by ice so it is pretentious to assume that the earth’s climate will not change if man will respect it more. But man definitely contributes to the factors that seem to trigger climate change.

I think back to the 1970's when pollution-caused smog in many west coast cities hung like a cloud every day. Regulations have reduced the amount of air pollution in these areas significantly, but there is still a problem. So regardless of what you feel about the cause of climate change, the question becomes, can our government create legislation to truly impact climate change? The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, thinks so, but I don’t think congress was around during the last ice age. We need to have reasonable regulations, but passing laws won’t make it rain in southern California.

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