Power of Prayer: Meekness Music

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Led by Stephen Crow, Meekness Music group is turning hip-hop right side up, putting God at the center.

And it all started with Stephen's own story.  He tells us  "I always believed in God but I didn't want to live for Him. I just wanted to call on him when I needed him like a 911 and I came to a point where I said, 'You know what God, I need your help.'"

Growing up, Stephen's parents listened to country music. But when Stephen was 12, they got divorced, and he turned to what he calls "gangster rap."

He says "It extremely influenced my life. I embraced all their teachings. Everything they said, I eventually started doing it. I started going to jail, I got addicted to drugs, selling drugs, robbing people and all these things. In jail, I got a letter from my sister and it was all about Jesus and how he wanted to forgive me for my sins and give me another chance."

That was the moment Stephen realized he needed to change and a man paid him a visit. After years of hard work, study, and dedication, the label was given to him.

Now, Stephen spends his days working on music to promote a message of positivity for its listeners.

Stephen says "They're being encouraged to be a man of wisdom or a man of honor, valor, things of that sort. Or a woman of purity and things of that sort. We just communicate that with a hip hop beat or through a different lingo or street terminology."

Now, Stephen is hoping people will lend their ears to music that's influenced by the Power of Prayer.

To hear Meekness Music, you can go to "The Connection this Friday at 325 South Broadway in Tyler. The show starts at 8 P.M., and it costs $2 to get in.

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