Survey Finds Large Opposition To TJC Tax Hike

According to a survey conducted for Tyler Junior College, most voters oppose a 4 percent tax increase. The tax increase was already approved by TJC trustees.
400 people were surveyed. More than 62 percent were against the tax hike. Almost 13 percent were for it. 24 percent were unsure.
TJC's President Dr. Bill Crowe says the tax increase would only help the East Texas community. A group trying to force a rollback election disagrees and is challenging the tax increase saying a vote should have gone to taxpayers first.
"The real issue is, we are getting petitions signed by the taxpayers of this area to give them the opportunity to vote on how they are using their tax money," said Ann Snyder, a former TJC board member.
Dr. Crowe says no legislation governs a college's tax hike.
"There's not a mechanism for that," he said. "In principle I don't disagree with that, but with the way the laws in the state of Texas are you don't go to the voters when you raise your tax rate."
8, 647 signatures of registered voters in the TJC district are needed to force a rollback election. The group plans to hand in more than 9,000 signatures at the TJC board meeting Thursday, November 18.

Maya Golden reporting,