A message from KLTV 7 General Manager Brad Streit

Tonight, KLTV 7 joined with ABC affiliates across the United States choosing not to broadcast the R-Rated Movie, "SAVING PRIVATE RYAN".

The management of KLTV 7 made this decision after much thought. At the root of our decision is the Federal Communications Commission's newly revised content standards for Prime Time, as well as our attempts to remain responsive to the community standards on the broadcast of profanity.

Local television stations are licensed and regulated by the federal government through the Federal Communications Commission. Broadcasters must operate their station according to the rules and regulations established by the FCC. Since the Janet Jackson incident at this year's Super Bowl, the FCC has been more stringent on what federally licensed TV stations broadcast prior to 10 p.m.

The FCC does not monitor broadcasts but rather responds to complaints from consumers. Because of this, broadcasters could be subject to fines if the FCC finds, based on the complaints it receives after the broadcast, that FCC rules may be violated.

Recent decisions made, and severe fines imposed by the FCC seem to indicate that " Saving Private Ryan " may violate these rules, specifically relating to profanity. For instance the "F" word is used 47 times throughout the movie. Logic may suggest that these words could simply be edited out of the movie. Regrettably the agreement ABC made with the producer of the movie, Steven Spielberg prohibits the movie being altered in any way for broadcast.

It is with much regret that we have to make this decision, for " Saving Private Ryan " is a moving, patriotic tribute to our fighting forces. We apologize to our viewers for any inconvenience this program change may have caused.