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Gohmert Prepares For 109th Congress

Now that Louie Gohmert's campaigning is over, the "real" work begins for the newly-elected District 1 representative.

After answering more than 300 e-mails of congratulations and taking nearly as many phone calls, Gohmert is now preparing for next week.

"During that week, it's supposed to be pretty intensive, trying to prepare you, what budget you have, staff selection, who you'll need to have helping you," Gohmert, the Congress member-elect, said.

He has extended the offer to his campaign staffers to join him in Washington.

"It's also been made very clear, it's not enough to just bring people from your district," Gohmert said. "You've got to have some people in Washington that can keep you out of trouble."

Gohmert says getting prepared for Congress is very much like freshman orientation in college. You get notebooks with new member information, letters from senior Congressmen, and a list of your fellow freshmen Congressmen. Gohmert has already heard from some of them.

"There are some who have already been calling and writing and trying to jockey for leadership positions in our freshman class," he said.

Some representatives are also concerned about getting a prime location in the office lottery.

"Apparently, for some people, that is just a huge deal," he said. "To them, it's all about where your office is. To me, it's all about what you're going to do in your office."

The Republican says he's ready to take on Washington. To stay in touch with his district, Gohmert says he plans to come home every weekend.

"Look forward to bringing our East Texas sense of humor up there," he said.

Gohmert says he still has to look for a place to live in D.C. A friend of his suggested an apartment with a decent commute for $1,900 a month. Gohmert said no, that's too expensive.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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