Soldiers Finding More Than Expected

The U.S. military's second wave of assault in Fallujah is turning up more than expected in the Iraqi city.

A variety of weapons were discovered yesterday at a site in Fallujah thought to be a hostage slaughter house. During house-to-house searches, the U.S. military found three Iraqi hostages, all of which had been handcuffed and showed signs of torture.

A marine spokesman says U.S. troops found one man chained to a wall and shackled by his wrists and ankles. He had been beaten and was extremely malnourished according to medical assessments. The man told U.S. marines he was an Iraqi taxi driver and had been held for ten days.

As U.S. forces get closer to the center of Fallujah, they're facing more resistance. And sometime, the troops have a hard time determining who they're shooting at because they think they see the enemy but may be shooting at each other. It's also hard for marines in the city to determine exactly where the firing is coming from because the alleys are so narrow.

So far, thirteen U.S. soldiers have been killed in the operation in Fallujah and dozens more wounded.

The U.S. military estimates 600 insurgents have died since the offensive began.