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FCC's new plan could dramatically change the internet

Net Neutrality (Source: KLTV Staff) Net Neutrality (Source: KLTV Staff)
(KLTV) - A new proposal approved by the FCC on Thursday could dramatically reshape the way we experience the internet. The plan would allow internet service providers such as Verizon to charge websites like You Tube more money to distribute their content faster.

Local web designer Michael Mahfood says that the FCC’s plan will cut down on consumer choices and that the higher cost will have a trickle-down effect.

“Right now you pay your internet service provider $35 a month and you get your Netflix. If Netflix is starting to pay more per subscriber to their internet service provider like Verizon or [Time] Warner Cable, then they will, of course, have to pass the cost to the consumers,” he said.

Mahfood says internet service providers will use the plan to justify discrimination against web sites who can't afford to pay for the so-called "fast lanes" of internet.

“The big guys with big muscles can pay a little more, but keep their prominence. The start-up companies, the little guys won't be able to survive,” he said.

The FCC’s proposal is not a final rule. There will be four months of public comments, after which the FCC commissioners will take public opinion into account and vote again.

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