Better East Texas: VA in need of an overhaul

Better East Texas: VA in need of an overhaul

(KLTV) - The Department of Veterans Affairs, charged with serving those that served our country, looks to be riddled with problems.

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki had to put multiple VA employees on leave as a result of delayed medical care for veterans. In some cases, it appears that months went by while veterans were waiting to see medical providers. One instance uncovered an email used by a VA employee to game the system while care was delayed.

The ultimate insult has also surfaced, where there are allegations that some veterans died while waiting to see a doctor. This type of care is unacceptable at any time, but when it involves the care of our veterans, some major changes need to be made. Congress has asked President Obama to create an investigative, bipartisan commission to review records and gather information to get to the truth. The president needs to act immediately.

This is not the time to consider which commission appointment has the highest political dividend. It needs to happen now and the system needs to be fixed and honor returned to the Veteran's Administration. These special people deserve better than being treated like liabilities, they deserve the best medical care our country can provide and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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