A new beginning for a survivor

Tonight at 10, we have a great news update for a dog that had been rescued after being severely injured.  Nicholas had just recovered when we learned a local shelter was going to have to put him down if someone didn't adopt him by noon tomorrow.  In a new report, we will explain how the power of KLTV.com, combined with the compassion of a big-hearted East Texan, saved Nicholas' life.


The rain continues to linger in East Texas.  Tonight at 10, Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto will have a new forecast that explains how much longer the rain will stick around and how much you should expect to see in the weather where you live.

And, get ready for an earlier start to your weekend news.  This Saturday kicks off Good Morning East Texas Weekend.  Starting at 8 a.m. join Kristen King and Sarah Fletcher.  It’s everything you need to know for your weekend, events, weather, news.