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Gift of Love: East Texas Family Plans Another Adoption

November 19th is an important day for hundreds of foster children across the country. It's National Adoption Day. Leading up to that day, KLTV 7 wanted to share stories of some of the East Texas families involved. We begin with a family truly making a difference in giving local foster children the Gift of Love.

Three years ago, Darrin and Jennifer decided to become foster parents. Their home quickly filled with sounds of children. "The short time they were with us they bonded with us and we decided they needed to stay with us," explains Darrin.

And they did. Six year old Micah and two year old Hudson became brothers when this East Texas couple adopted them. "We get to do fun stuff with my daddy and we also get to do stuff that we haven't got to do in a long time. I like adoption," says Micah with a sweet little voice.

"We're just thankful that we could bring them into our home and they're such a blessing," says Jennifer.

This family's life would change again as another prayer was answered. "We wanted a little girl to add to the family and fell in love with her right away." Anna came into their home in January. They are planning to adopt this one year old November 19th, on National Adoption Day.

"I can remember every detail, even the weather, about the boys adoption day and how great it was and I just know that it's going to be that all over again and it's really exciting. It's more like their birth into our family and taking on our name and that's what's so exciting for us," says Jennifer.

"She's been my sister for days and days already. It feels like she's already my sister," says Micah.

The children were removed from separate homes because of abuse and neglect, involving drugs. It affected the children developmentally, but Darrin and Jennifer gladly excepted the challenges. "There are small things we have to work through, like the delays and sometimes the health problems, but the way we look at it, any kid could have those problems and we're just thankful that we have them," says Jennifer.

Darrin says, "It's real rewarding if you think about what the kid's life could have been like and then see the joy on their face at a soccer game or something like that. That's the most rewarding part."

"I love my sister and my brother. I do good things for them and I help them in case they fall," says Micah.

Three beautiful children, one loving family. "It all worked out because of the strength that God gives us and we prayed about it."

Holding his hands wide apart, Micah shows how much he loves his new family. He says, "I love them this much."

A lot of love, from an endless source. Darrin says, "The best way to describe it is everything we do is for the kids. They're the driving force in our lives now."

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.

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