Pint & Barrel Drafthouse: A family business you'll be hungry to support

Pint & Barrel Drafthouse: A family business you'll be hungry to support

There's a new place in Palestine that could easily become "the place where everybody knows your name."

Pint and Barrel Drafthouse has moved into the Old Town Palestine area, just across from the Oxbow Bakery. When their doors opened at 2 p.m. on May 9, they were pleasantly surprised to find that there were people waiting outside, anxious to get inside the cozy pub to try out the well-edited collection of craft beers and the unique menu items.

Pub owner Chris Keller says he had been working at Saint Arnold Brewing Company in Houston, and loved the process of brewing beer. When his father-in-law bought some land in Palestine with a charming old building on it, they felt that the timing and location were perfect for a drafthouse to open in Palestine.

"It was like divine providence guided us to this building," Chris' father-in-law, William Young, said. We were calling to ask about another building, but the person we called said, "I don't own that building anymore, but I'd love to sell the old flower shop." Young bought the land, and Chris owns the business, Young says.

Scott McGoldrick, Allison Keller, Chris Keller, and Katie Keller

Young says they were ecstatic; the building, which didn't even have a for sale sign up, had a great porch and a nice grassy area out front. They bought the property, and now Chris and his wife Allison, along with Chris' sister, Katie, run this family business where locals are sure to soon feel like family. Scott McGoldrick is behind the scenes in the kitchen with Allison, cooking up the delicious offerings locals are sure to love.

The menu is the kind of food you want when you go to a pub: There are burgers, chicken fingers, and even the traditional pub favorite, Shepherd's pie. The sandwiches take comfort food to a new level: the Big Grilled Meatloaf ($8.99) for example, served with french fries and cole slaw. The Beer Brat in a Bun is topped with grilled onions, sauerkraut, and brown mustard, and the grilled cheese and soup is accompanied by a Southern favorite, fried green tomatoes.

For the adventurous burger-lover, there are fantastic choices. The Super Chief burger includes cheddar and Swiss cheeses, a split fried brat, a fried egg, plus lettuce, tomato and onions, if you'd like.  Actually, you can add a fried egg, bacon, pulled pork, avocado, cheese, or...get this...fried SPAM to any burger on the menu.

The Three Little Piggies sandwich consists of pulled pork, fried SPAM, and bacon, which should be enough meaty deliciousness for the hungriest customer, and their soups, which include white cheddar poblano as well as tomato, should be a perfect side to any sandwich on the menu, or even on their own.

If you'd like to visit the friendly folks at Pint and Barrel, head over to 302 East Crawford in Old Town Palestine, or give them a call for more information at 903-727-2711.

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