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11/10/05-East Texas

No Surgery Back Pain Relief

A little more than a month ago, Mike Haas was in so much pain, he could barely move.

"I couldn't move my neck or my head. At one point, my arm was just drawn up. My chin was permanently drawn to my neck," says Mike.

Just as Mike began considering major back surgery, he decided to try one more remedy-- one that required no surgery or medication.

"The name of the machine is a DRX 9000 and is for the lumbar spine as well as for the cervical spine," says Dr. Larry Isbell of the Pain and Recovery Center of Tyler.

Dr. Isbell told us the machine slowly pulls vertebrae apart that pinch or inflame discs in the spine, which allows oxygen, water and nutrients to heal them.

"It holds it for 60 seconds and then releases for 30 seconds. Over a period of time and number of treatments it allows it to heal and stabilize that joint."

It's similar to another machine, the VAX-D that's been out for a number of years, and according to Dr. Isbell, better because it can isolate specific lumbar and vertebrae that are hurting, instead of stretching the entire spine.

After just a few treatments, Mike had a MRI and consulted a neurologist, who said he did not look like a candidate for surgery any longer.

"He just told me keep doing what I'm doing here," says Mike.

Dr. Isbell says the DRX is the most technologically advanced of it's kind and will be hard to come by anywhere else.

"Within the last 6 weeks, a cervical decompression unit came on the market and we were one of the 1st few clinics in the entire world to have one," says Dr. Isbell.

Another satisfied patient, once nearly homebound by back pain, is Rayford Locke.

"I could hardly walk when I came in here, I had a walker for about 4 months. After the 1st treatment I have not used the walker at all," says Rayford.

Aside from the lack of pain, patients like Mike and Rayford say they're even more thankful they didn't have to go under the knife.

"That's the reason I came here, because they advertised no surgery and no medication, and I have had no medication at all for pain or anything."

Reporting: Braid Sharp

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