Streets Of Speed: Paluxy Intersection Scene Of Many Crashes

A long string of wrecks along a busy Tyler street has a woman living nearby pleading with drivers to slow down.

One the most dangerous stretches of Paluxy Drive is at the intersection of Rickety Lane. Drivers pulling out from the small cross street have their views of oncoming traffic blocked. To make matters worse, too many drivers are going way too fast.

"A slow week is two accidents a week. And usually if we're lucky, those will be during the day and not at night," says Elizabeth Alexander, who lives nearby.

It's not a big hill, but it's a big problem. The drivers on Paluxy seem to ignore the 35 mile an hour speed limit on this stretch.

We clocked many drivers going as fast as 55mph.

Elizabeth has lived here with her family since 1992. She's a nurse and there's a routine for when she hears screeching tires.

"I grab my stethoscope and start checking the occupants of the vehicles," she says.

This hill at the intersection of Rickety and Paluxy blocks drivers' view from southbound traffic-- making it very difficult to make a safe turn.

"A lady was hit so hard, her seat belt broke and she was upside down in the floor board of the passenger side wedged in," says Elizabeth, recalling a recent accident.

She says police patrol often, but speeders don't seem to care. The looks on those turning from Rickety shows just how hard the turn can be.

"If you're pulling out when they top that hill, you've got maybe a second to a second and a half to stop and back up. That's not much time when it takes 1/2 second just to react," she says.

Elizabeth says she wants folks to slow down-- so she won't have to keep seeing wrecks for the next 12 years.

If speeders are a problem where you live, we'd like to hear about it. You can call our Streets of Speed hotline at 903-510-7720, or log onto Click on the SOS icon on the front page.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.