Power of Prayer: Church becomes home to four congregations

Power of Prayer: Church becomes home to four congregations

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas church has been home to as many as four congregations this year.

Soma Church was losing its meeting space, so lead pastor Tony Herring made a call to Joe Canal, senior pastor at Tyler Christian Fellowship to ask for help. "He just said, 'Would it be possible for us to work something out, to arrange something' for them to be able to meet here. So I talked to the elders about it and everyone was enthusiastic about being able to help them," Canal said.

After these two churches combined into the same building, Pastor Canal got word that two other churches, that were already sharing a space, were also in a desperate situation with no place to go. "Literally the Saturday before our last Sunday in that building we didn't know where we were going to go," said Mark Trammel, Pastor of Grace Point Church.

Pastor Mark Trammel of Grace Point Church and Pastor Don Balltzglier of Generation North Church also decided to make their home at Tyler Christian Fellowship. Balltzglier said, "Nothing about our existence, or our church, or our relationships, nothing has played out like I thought it would. If you could have diagrammed it and had a good five-year plan, none of this would have been on my five-year plan."

The transition has been smooth, as these individual churches learn and grow closer along the way.

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