Students Facing Charges After Taping The Beating Of Another Student

Some disturbing images have been released out of Oregon this morning. Police say two high school students recorded themselves beating another teen and then set the whole thing to music. The two then sold DVD copies at school.

The footage is out of Junction City, and it shows one boy punching the student in the face. It continues with the other boy chasing him down and slamming his head into a car window. All this as a crowd watched.

A soundtrack of rap music with lyrics about bloody knuckles and fighting accompanies the images.

Police believe the victim, who required medical treatment, was a random target. Officer Corey Mertz of the Junction City Police Department says, "it really is ugly and I think that the thing that shocks the community and shocks the police department is that it appears to be premeditated."

One of the attackers, a 17 year old boy, has been charged with assault. Police say they expect to make more arrests.