Female correctional officer arrested for assisting trusty who walked off

Female correctional officer arrested for assisting trusty who walked off

CHEROKEE COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Miranda Shay Emmons, a 22-year-old correctional officer from Jacksonville, who had only worked for Cherokee County since February 2014, was arrested at 3:00 a.m. Friday and charged with Permitting or Facilitating Escape, a 3rd degree felony.  Justice of the Peace Brenda Dominy conducted the arraignment of Emmons, and set her bond at $10,000.

After Wagoner's escape on Wednesday around 7:45pm, Investigators began receiving information that lead them to believe Emmons was involved in his escape.  At the time the arrest warrant was issued for Wagoner on the escape charge, there was not sufficient evidence to issue an arrest warrant for Emmons;  However, her vehicle was entered in NCIC/TCIC (National Crime Information Center / Texas Crime Information Center) along with the arrest warrant for Wagoner, in the event the vehicle was stopped by law enforcement.

Investigators and Deputies had been in phone contact with Emmons several times during the first few hours of the investigation, but Emmons insisted that she was in Oklahoma at a casino during the time he disappeared, and continued to denied any involvement with his escape.  She was due to return to work on Friday morning and agreed to meet with Investigators when she returned.

Investigators continued to follow leads, and conduct other interviews Thursday, gathering evidence against Emmons prior to her return.  Then, on Thursday night at approximately 7:30pm, Emmons called one of the Investigators and said she would be back in Jacksonville by 11:00pm and was willing to come meet with them when she was back in town.

She did arrive at the Sheriff's Office around 11:15pm (05/08/14) for the interview, and by that time Investigators had already secured a search warrant for Emmons' vehicle and cell phone.  That search warrant was executed at 1:00am (05/09/14) after an interview with her in which she admitted to picking Wagoner up and taking him to a location in Frio County, Texas where he was arrested.  When Emmons arrived at the Sheriff's Office for the interview, she was unaware that he had been arrested shortly after she dropped him off.

At 8:30am this morning (Friday 05/09), two Investigators from Cherokee County left for Hondo, Texas to bring Wagoner back to Rusk.  Wagoner is expected to be back in Cherokee County Jail by 10:00pm tonight.

Emmons did make her bond earlier in the day and has since been released.

The investigation is still ongoing.