Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and balsamic glaze by Jake's Tyler's David Wallace

Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and balsamic glaze by Jake's Tyler's David Wallace

(KLTV) - Now is the perfect time for bruschetta, as many East Texas folks are celebrating the fact that this appetizer's main ingredient is as close as their own back yard. Nothing tastes better than home grown tomatoes.

While many think that the word bruschetta refers to the topping of this dish, it actually is a reference to the toasted bread beneath. From the Roman dialect, bruscare means " roasting over coals." In ancient times, olive growers would bring the olives to the press and sample the oil on bread toasted over open fires.

Bruschetta is easy, inexpensive, and delicious. Enjoy your harvest of fresh tomatoes this summer in a way that has been around for a thousand years.

Bruschetta with balsamic vinegar glaze


Sliced, toasted or grilled, french bread

chopped fresh garlic or garlic powder

olive oil

diced onion

fresh sliced or diced tomatoes, any variety

shredded white cheese, such as monterey jack, mozzarella,or provolone

balsamic vinegar glaze

The exact amounts depend on how much you want to make. You will not go wrong. The combinations of these flavors always turns out just fine. Smear a little olive oil on the bread, before toasting or grilling.

Saute the onions slightly, in some olive oil. Add chopped garlic or garlic powder and saute with your fresh tomatoes. Don't over cook the tomatoes, just warm them good.

Top each slice of bread with a small amount of this mixture. Sprinkle over the top with some cheese. Melt cheese slightly. Drizzle with balsamic glaze. Enjoy!

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