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Car wash burglaries perhaps not committed by same person, police now say

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - New video has surfaced of East Texas car wash burglaries, which police now say may not have all been committed by the same person.

A burglar, or burglars, have hit a dozen times at selected businesses in Longview over the past month. Several times two car washes on Pine Tree Rd. were hit, as was another one on Gilmer Road.

In two cases now, the suspect has been caught on tape, and some are questioning whether it is the same person, or possibly a ring.

The security video shows a man breaking into coin operated vacuum machines three days ago at a Spring Hill car wash, causing hundreds of dollars in damage, and taking a mere $5.

"Aggravated because you got robbed and then you're going to add insult to injury watching the guy do it," said a business owner who did not want to be identified.

When comparing the two videos, the suspect appears to be the same build, same height, and using the same technique to open the coin-op machines.

"He's always got bolt-cutters. he uses them then uses a prybar," he says.

Three different Longview carwash businesses have been hit multiple times over the last month, with owners saying a familiar green Jeep Cherokee is seen.

"He has the same M.O. every time he comes in and we keep the machines cleaned out daily," says car wash worker Clay Smith.

The suspect or suspects have gotten away with as much as several hundred dollars to only a handful of change. 

"We just need to put a stop to what's going on," Smith says.

After our coverage of this story, Longview police say they have identified one suspect in this case.

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