Restaurant Reports: Four restaurants with violations

Restaurant Reports: Four restaurants with violations

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Dirty food prep areas, foods held out of temperatures and insect infestations were found by healthy inspectors on their latest rounds.

In Longview, three restaurants were hit with the most serious violations under inspection, including The Butcher Shop at 102 LeHigh Street.

Milk, cantaloupe and other cold items were held too warm, and sausage patties were not held at warm enough temperatures. Quiche and dressings were not date marked and had to be discarded, and food contact surfaces were not cleaned. Total demerits: 25

Johnny's Pizza House at 3052 North Eastman Road had issues, as well. Hygienic violations were observed among employees, and open bags of cheese, salami and Canadian bacon were not date marked. A fly infestation was found in the dish area, and mold was found on soda nozzles. Total demerits: 25

Finally, Church's Chicken at 2000 Toler Road had issues with chicken pieces were not held hot enough and  had to be discarded. Cheeses and sauces were not date marked, and dirty cutting boards and shelves were found. Total demerits: 15

In Tyler, Star Donut at 1611 S. Broadway had problems. Employees were observed not washing hands properly and handling ready-to-eat foods. Open foods were found near the mop sink, and mold was found on the kitchen walls and shelves. Total demerits: 17.

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